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First off, THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to visit The Soccer Blogger and reading/ learning/ and growing soccer both globally and domestically in the US. 


My name is Melissa Ortiz, former professional soccer player and Olympian for the Colombian National Team. I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida to Colombian parents who immigrated from Colombia to New York City forty years ago. Although I was raised in the USA, our house was very much Colombian in which arepas and salsa music was a doctrine to our everyday normalities. Throughout my childhood my travels back and forth to Colombia further filled my love for my roots and passion for being a latina. 

Fast-forward to my freshman year playing at Lynn University, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to try out for the Colombian Women's National team. After a 3-week trial, I made the team pool and was called-up to a U20 camp just a year later to play in the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup. From there on, my soccer career accelerated in which I was competed in the Olympics, Copa America, Central American Games, as well as professionally in the Icelandic, American, and Colombian leagues. 

Although these experiences were some of the most life-changing and moments one can only dream of living, there were also bitter sweets times and rollercoaster rides. From major injuries (an achilles tear just 4 days before the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup) to enormous inequalities in the women's game, I took away great knowledge surrounding this sport that has inspired me to continue to grow it.

As you can see, my passion is and has always been soccer. Anything that involves this beautiful sport has always captured my heart. From playing soccer to training youth players, reading books to news articles, or from watching YouTube soccer channels to the European weekend league games on TV... there are so many areas of the game that encompasses the true lifestyle of a soccer player and fan. 


Which leads me to The Soccer Blogger. I realized that there are many types of bloggers on social media creating content around everything from food, fashion, travel, etc. After a Eureka moment, I thought to myself- why isn't there a lifestyle blog around soccer?! Soooo many people live the soccer-fanatic soccer lifestyle - read, watch games, go to stadiums, watch videos, watch highlights, debate about Real vs Barca or Liverpool (my fave team) vs Man U or Messi vs CR7. This is the beauty of how powerful and uniting the game of soccer is to the billions of fans around the world. 


With that being said! This blog was created to continue to grow the game and for readers to have an outlet to seek more information and unique tips from an athlete's perspective. From fitness, training routines, nutritious recipes, lifestyle posts, and interview pieces, The Soccer Blogger is a lovely and realistic connection of the soccer lifestyle. 


I happily invite you to subscribe to the blog and  YouTube Channel “The Soccer Blogger” as well as my Instagram @melissaortiz5. 

Once again, thank you for your support. Now, let's go nail some upper 90's! 

Melissa Ortiz

Melissa Ortiz | USWNT | Heather Mitts | USA vs Colombia | Olympics | Olympics Soccer USWNT | The soccer blogge

Colombian National Team

Melissa Ortiz | USWNT | Heather Mitts | USA vs Colombia | Olympics | Olympics Soccer USWNT | The soccer blogge

London Olympics 2012

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